Gulf Fiber

Heart Ingenuity


Gulf Fiber designs Networking and Buildings Automation          Systems Using international standards such as ANSI/TIA/EIA 568, ISO 1 1801, and EMerge Alliance standards for DC power distribution system,  

With more than 30 years’ experience in passive fiber optic, copper and wireless communication delivers designs that stands the test of time and can be easily evolved.

The change from copper to fiber is underway in enterprise information technology; the LAN is now ripe for this transition. As the communication technology continues to follow Moore’s Law, providing ever more computing power at declining cost, it makes more sense to bring optics to the desktop rather than copper. Gulf Fiber engineer have the know-how and experience to design a fully optical system that meet current and future needs.

Building Automation systems saves energy costs, improve reliability, and enhance performance and comfort while having a positive impact on the environment. By intelligently controlling HVAC, lights, blinds, irrigation, and monitoring occupancy and environmental conditions; automation systems reduce waste and increase efficiency. The most critical component in any automation system is the software design and this is Gulf Fiber’ strength. Software is the intelligence of the system and well-designed software in the key to reap the benefits of smart building systems.

Computer aided design tools and expert systems are used to simulate and verify the system design and provide immersive visualization of the final system to discover problems or suggest improvements.


PMP certified professionals manage project tasks and coordinate these tasks with other contractors and stakeholders for the successful and timely implementation to the highest quality and according to applicable standards.

Gulf Fiber manage project using AceProject; an online project management and collaboration tool used to assign tasks to the project team members and coordinate and exchange project documents and checklists between stakeholders online.


Trained and certified engineers follow the project implementation phases on-site and ensure adherence to the specification, applicable standards and quality parameters. The team uses specialized tools to inspect each and every system components and use calibrated testers to certify all low and medium voltage system.

The engineers review and inspect all the field labeling, AS-Built drawings and documents for accuracy and comprehensiveness.